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Clinical Health Programs

As of July 1, 2023, medications prescribed for weight loss or weight management will only be covered if they are prescribed by a Flyte physician. Flyte is a medical weight loss program offered to eligible State health plan members and their enrolled family members. Learn More

Diabetes Management & Diabetes Reversal
Get help managing your A1c level with a personal health coach and remote glucose monitoring or opt into the Diabetes Reversal program that includes a low-carb nutrition plan and on-gong medical monitoring. Learn More
Diabetes Prevention Program
A free, 12-month program focused on improving lifestyle behaviors to reduce diabetes risk. The program brings powerful education and motivating support through to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learn More

Virtual service available seven days per week where licensed medical professionals via video chat or can be reached by phone in under 15 minutes for assistance with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain or joint mobility and stability issues. Learn More

Get confidential emotional support virtually with a licensed therapist. You must be at least 18 years old, or if between age 10-17, be accompanied online with a parent. A $5 copay payment is required at the time of each appointment. Learn More

The state of Connecticut has identified providers that meet the highest patient care standards for specific procedures and conditions as “Providers of Distinction”. By completing your care with a provider that is tagged as a “Provider of Distinction” in the Find Provider tool, you will receive a cash incentive in the mail. Learn More

The Health Enhancement Program (HEP) encourages employees and their enrolled family members to take charge of their health and their health care by providing guidelines to follow for preventative and chronic care management. HEP is designed to positively impact the overall health of its participants. Learn More

Our Plans

Quality First Select Access

[Tiered POS]
State BlueCare Prime network

This is the most affordable plan because it has the smallest network of providers. Providers in this network have a proven history of quality patient care. This plan’s provider network is Connecticut-based and does not include Hartford Healthcare providers or facilities. By visiting a Tier 1 provider in this network , will result in a $0 copay.

Primary care Select Access

State BlueCare network

In this plan, you save on premiums by working directly with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to coordinate your care. Your PCP will be required to refer you to specialists in the network.

Standard access

State BlueCare Network

This plan covers all your care within the network and does not require referrals from your PCP. Out-of-network care is only covered for emergencies.

Expanded access

State BlueCare Network

The most expensive plan is also the most comprehensive. You can see any in-network provider with no referrals, and have up to 80% of costs covered outside the network.

The State Preferred plan is closed to new enrollment.

Plan Information

Eligible dependents generally include:
  • Your legally married spouse or civil union partner.
  • Your children: Medical and dental coverage through the end of the year they turn age 26.
    • Children residing with you for whom you are legal guardian (to age 18) unless proof of continued dependency is provided. Disabled children may be covered beyond age 26 for medial and dental, with proper documentation from the medical insurance carrier.
    Documentation of an eligible relationship is required when you enroll a family member. It is your responsibility to notify your agency Payroll/Human Resources office when any dependent is no longer eligible for coverage.

You can make changes to your medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members or enroll if you previously waived coverage during the following times:
  • Qualifying Life Event
    • If you have a Qualifying Life event, changes can be made on Core-CT and the required documentation must be provided within 31 days of the qualifying event.
  • Open Enrollment
    • This is your annual chance to adjust your health care benefit choices. It’s a good time to take a fresh look at the plans, consider how your and your family’s needs may have changed, and choose the best plan option for you. Open Enrollment usually takes place in May.
Visit the Benefits Enrollment page for all the resources to make your changes.

There are several plan options for you to choose from. Each of the plans offered cover the same medical benefits-the same services and supplies. The amount you pay out of pocket at the time you receive services is very similar to.
The main items to consider are:
  • The premium (what your payroll deduction will be).
  • Network size: This is a good time to look up your providers and hospital preference in each plan to be sure you are covered by in-network co-pays).

Find medical and dental rates on the Benefits Enrollment page. If you opt out of the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), or are deemed non-compliant with the annual HEP requirements, you’ll pay an additional $46.15 per paycheck for coverage. (Employees on semimonthly pay schedules will have slightly higher premiums.)

Plan Documents

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