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Health Enhancement Program

The Health Enhancement Program (HEP) encourages employees and their enrolled family members to take charge of their health and their health care by providing guidelines to follow for preventative and chronic care management. HEP is designed to positively impact the overall health of its participants.

By completing preventive screenings, plan members and their dependents can avoid serious illness with early detection and pay lower monthly premiums with no in-network deductible for the plan year. If you or an enrolled family member has a chronic condition and you complete the HEP requirements, you will also save money on prescription drugs.

Chronic Conditions*:

You and/or your family members will be required to participate in a disease education and counseling program if you have:

*Note: This is an annual requirement due by December 31st along with your preventive requirements.

To meet the chronic education requirement, complete one of the following:

Online: Login to and select the ‘My Health’ tab to either:

By Phone: Call your Care Coordinators at 833-740-3258 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 A.M – 10:00 P.M ET) to speak with a Quantum Health nurse about your HEP chronic condition requirement. Please note that this is an annual requirement due by December 31st along with your preventive requirements.

You will receive free office visits and reduced pharmacy copays for treatments related to your condition. Your household must meet all preventive and chronic requirements to be compliant.

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