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What’s New?

Care Compass

This site, Care Compass, is a new centralized hub dedicated to the state health plan, providing access to all health benefits materials and contact information. You will notice the Care Compass logo on all benefit communications coming from the state.

Health Navigator

Health Navigator is a tool available by phone, web and online messenger chat to help anyone on the state plan navigate their health benefits, including finding Networks of Distinction, answering questions about benefits and troubleshooting problems.

Network of Distinction

The State of Connecticut has identified the highest quality doctors, hospitals and medical groups in the state for some of the most common procedures. Doctors and locations that meet these high quality standards are designated part of a new “Network of Distinction.” You may be eligible for cash incentives for choosing one of these high-quality providers or facilities. Use the Health Navigator tool to explore incentives and book appointments.

[Hospitals and Providers, click here.]

Centers of Excellence

The highest quality Network of Distinction providers have been designated “Centers of Excellence.” Visiting a Center of Excellence when available entitles you to larger incentives. Use the Health Navigator search tool to find providers, look up incentives and even book appointments.

New Quality-Focused Plan Option

Anthem’s State BlueCare Prime Plus POS plan prioritizes high-quality care by offering a network limited to providers and facilities that have demonstrated a premium level of care. Review and compare the plan options here.

Provider Finder

Network of Distinction doctors and locations are available for certain procedures and should always be the first choice for those seeking highest quality for those procedures.

However, there are hundreds of high-quality providers and specialists covered by the state health plan for primary care and specialty care. The Health Navigator call line and chat messengers can help you find the best providers covered by the state plan. A full list of providers, regardless of quality metrics, is available through the “provider finder” tool on Anthem’s website.

Incentive Eligible Procedures

Members may be eligible for a cash reward for choosing a Network of Distinction provider through the Health Navigator tool. The amount of a cash reward varies by procedure and location – and can be found by using the Health Navigator online tool, phone line or online chat.