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Programs & resources for knee, hip, back and other orthopedic issues.

Your health plan has resources to help you through all orthopedic injuries, from diagnosis to minor aches and pains to surgery and recovery. To figure out where to start, pick which best describes you:

I’m Injured

I have a nagging injury, need a diagnosis or am seeking at-home treatment options.

I Need Surgery

I’ve been told that I need orthopedic surgery and want help with that process.

I'm Injured


What do you do when back or hip pain keeps you up all night?  Who do you call when you turn your ankle or throw your back out? Is a nagging knee, hip or shoulder pain slowing you down?

Use Upswing to understand what’s causing your pain, and if you’d like, connect to a live medical professional without leaving your home. The service is free for state of Connecticut health plan members.

Who’s it for?

State Employees

Partnership Plan Members

Retirees (Non-Medicare)

Join Upswing on the first Wednesday of every month for a live webinar. Register >>

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Getting Started with Upswing

Search injury → Talk with a coach   Follow care advice

Visit UpSwing Health and register your account.  Identify your injury using the online symptom checker, then get real-time advice from a medical professional. An athletic trainer can follow-up within minutes of your request.

Certified Athletic Trainers are available 8 am – 8 pm, 7 days a week to help with a personalized recovery plan based on your needs and situation.

Need help getting started?
Call: 860 259 4992

When to use Upswing

Use Upswing for any non-emergency orthopedic injuries including tendinitis, sprains, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis and more.

Upswing’s team of experts and trainers can help you diagnose your injury and get you on the path to recovery quickly.

How Upswing can help

  • Receive guidance on how to treat minor injuries at home. For example: how to treat a sprained ankle, sudden back spasm, or a pulled muscle.
  • Consult with a doctor via telemedicine visit.
  • Get a custom, video-based rehab/exercise program emailed directly to you.
  • Help expedite your care by referring you to a physician for further, in-person evaluation or testing if needed.
  • Personalized follow-up with a trainer to check on your progress and recovery.

I Need Surgery

Providers of Distinction

The state of Connecticut has identified specific doctors, hospitals, and provider groups that meet the highest patient care standards. These doctors and locations have been designated “Providers of Distinction.” It’s easier than ever to get the care you need by visiting a Provider of Distinction for some of the most common medical conditions and procedures.

Who’s it for?

State Employees

Partnership Plan Members

Retirees (Non-Medicare)

State Employee
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